Reviews for my December 2013 Beauty Box 5.


The swatches above (see top photo) are of the NYX Love in Rio eye shadow palette in “Bossa Nova” and of Ofra Lipgloss plumper in “Sultry.”  The top section of the eye shadow swatches were done without any primer, while the bottom half is with primer.  NYX describes the colors as being “Shimmery gold, olive, forest green.”  The color description is fairly accurate except for the forest green bit.  The darkest shade applied more as a dark brown with green undertones.  

The lip gloss is a gorgeous shimmery, glossy, cool burgundy color.  It is thick and borderline gloppy, so you have to give the tube a good squeeze before it comes out.  However, it is easily spreadable once on your lips and the color lasts.  My only complaint is that I normally don’t like lip plumpers. Lip plumpers usually contain essential oils such as peppermint (found in this Ofra lip gloss), cinnamon, or pepper.  The oils actually irritate the lip and cause mild swelling - giving the appearance of fuller, plumper lips.  You usually experience a mild tingling, burning, or numbing sensation within a few minutes after applying the product.


Just a simple look using Bossa Nova.  Apply the olive color to your lid to crease.  Apply the ‘forest green’/dark brown color to the crease.  Blend out the crease color using the shimmery gold, as well as apply to the inner corner of eye.  I also applied a shimmery white eye shadow directly under my brows.


I didn’t notice a terribly big difference in my lips until I went to remove it for bed.  My lips were swollen/puffy so it definitely does work.


My feet are probably the most neglected part of my body.  I always put lotion on them but it doesn’t seem to do much of anything.  I also have a bad habit of walking around barefoot, even on gravel (and yes, I am from Kentucky).  Although I’m horribly embarrassed to post the before picture (and admit that it is my foot), I just had to share the results.  

Using the Every Beauty Flexible Foot Smoother, I did as the instructions said to do for best results; use on dry feet.  I started with the coarse side of the foot smoother just for a few minutes around the ball of my foot and finished with the fine side.  Once I was finished scrubbing, I used the Body Drench daily moisturizing lotion and was amazed at the difference!  In less than 5 minutes I had managed to almost completely scrub away my dry, discolored, disgustingly ugly callus around the ball of my foot!

Not pictured:

Of course I also tried the Clean & Clear Morning Burst Hydrating Gel Moisturizer!  I was really interested in trying the Morning Burst products since I am by far not a morning person at all.  I have to say I’m pretty impressed with them! I don’t think the hydrating gel is super moisturizing, but it does actually leave a cool, refreshing feeling leaving your skin feeling invigorated and awake.  The scent is light and a good unisex option.  Whenever I finish up this sample, I will be buying the Morning Burst Morning Glow Moisturizer since it contains an SPF of 15 - and maybe even the Morning Burst Skin Brightening Facial Cleanser!

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